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Quality jet boat construction in New Zealand

We build, repair and service jet boats
If you are looking for unique, customised jet boats in New Zealand, East Coast Jet will provide you with exactly what you want. Jet boat construction is no easy feat, and requires specialised skills by a dedicated sheet metal engineer. We have made a name for ourselves for building top quality products and providing excellent customer service.

Jet boat repairs

Jet boat repairs
If you are already an owner of a jet boat in New Zealand, we also provide a repairs service. If you have been unfortunate enough to experience problems with your jet boat, our team can complete all the necessary repairs and servicing including - engine tuning, impellor build ups and repairs, fine tuning jets for maximum performance. Contact us today to talk about our services. You can count on East Coast Jet to do a great job.

Insurance work

Insurance work
We also provide insurance work for all jet boat repairs and deal with all major insurance companies.
We try and make the process as straight forward as possible and can explain all the necessary steps, making everything easy. Contact us in New Zealand for more information.

Jet boat construction

Jet boat construction is handled by our skilled team in New Zealand using top quality sheet metal and other materials. We are dedicated to producing a premium quality product and one which meets all the individual requirements of each client.

Construction starts with your choice of hull size. Our hulls are built out of high quality aluminium, with a top quality GRP fibreglass top deck. Our base models are:
  • East Coast Jet 430 - 4.3 Metre hull, 17 deg deadrise.
  • East Coast Jet 460 - 4.6 Metre hull, 17 deg deadrise.
  • East Coast Jet 460 Adventurer - 4.6 Metre hull, 16 deg deadrise, wide body model with high sides, heavier aluminium sheet for bow, keel, outer keel and transom.
To start talking about your customised jet boat, contact East Coast Jet today.
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